"I Have a Message for You"

It's an amazing one: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/10/opinion/auschwitz-israel-holocaust.html

I used to be so surrounded by Holocaust survivors it never even registered. It took me until I came to college to realize that not everyone knew a survivor. They would never tell their stories. I wonder if we'd have known anything if they didn't have a visible tattoo to prompt questions. Their answers were brief.

I didn't know my own grandparents stories until I watched their documentary interviews (and I still know very little). Every single survivor has a story so profound one could dedicate their life just to analyzing and sharing it. What is so hard to comprehend is that this couple's story is both extraordinary and yet every survivor has one at least as improbable. These stories are like old blues recordings: best to take one at a time and then savor. Listening to a few back to back just dulls their impact, and each deserves its own meditation. This one is beautifully shot and, like so many of these, ultimately tear-inducing and uplifting at the same time.