The Ivies

A few people have sent me this Atlantic post about why you shouldn't send your kids to the Ivies. I think it's interesting though also very much over the top. I went to public schools my whole life--the first time I stepped in a private school was when I got a job at Yale. I do think public schools teach many important things over and above the merely academic, and I agree with the (somewhat tacit) push that public schools be made affordable (or better: free) for all who want to attend. An educated citizenry helps us all. But Deresiewicz's rhetoric about the Ivies struck me as too over the top. Many of my students at Yale were amazing--they were not cowed and merely trying to follow what people told them, but were instead talented, interesting, thoughtful young adults. Of course some fit the stereotype Deresiewicz mentions but to pretend all of the students were like this strikes me as pretty inaccurate.