I try to make sure I give at least a few talks a year, but mostly I end up giving more than a few. I'll list some of the upcoming ones here from time to time. Also you can see some previous interviews I've given. I wouldn't recommend it--I've never been able to bring myself to watch them (actually I've never watched any of the links below for the simple reason that no sane person should want to watch their own talks.) But if you wanted to for some reason, here's a Bloggingheads video of (the really clever and fun) Jonathan Phillips and me talking about beliefs:

Here's a recent interview I did on Bayesianism for the Royal Statistical Society's magazine Significance:

And here's the Science Network's interview with the Cognitive Science Societies Dissertation Prize winners. The other guys interviewed here (Ed Vul and Michael Frank) have done some truly groundbreaking work, so it might be worth watching it to hear what they say.

Here's a Psychology Today blog post (by the wonderful Josh Knobe) on some experimental work of mine on mental illness and responsibility: 

Here's the Youtube link to my Stockholm talk:

Lastly, here's a link to a podcast of the NPR gameshow 'Ask Me Another.' I haven't listened to it myself, but I was a contestant and guest along with Tiny Desk Contest winner Gaelynn Lea and the incomparable Bob Boilen. Gaelynn's music is really moving, and Bob Boilen is a freaking national treasurer. Getting to spend a long evening talking music with Bob is up there with the best random nights I can remember (and I once brought Yo La Tengo to high table at Oxford [Catz]). Anyway, the cast of AMA is excellent too--Ofira, Art, and Jonathan are all excellent and hilarious so it's worth listening to their podcast regardless of whether I'm there. But here's the link to my episode:

Upcoming Talks

I realize that I don't update this enough to reflect what I'm actually doing. I'll be bouncing around Europe and India doing some field work in addition to sometimes giving talks. Below are some of them.

Update (3/1/). Here are some upcoming talk dates in case you care for some odd reason

Icahn School of Medicine, Mt Sinai Medical Center: 10/21

University of Maryland: 12/3

Bard College: 2/13

University of Cincinnati: 4/7

EASP (Granada Spain) 7/5