Cognitive Architecture Graduate Seminar Fall 2016

In Fall 2016 Ned Block and I will be reprising our act from two years ago and coteaching a seminar. This time it's on Cognitive Architecture proper, and not just perception. Overall the focus is somewhat similar (e.g., we didn't stop caring about the perception/cognition border), but the class will be completely different. A quick description appears below; a more thorough description and syllabus is here: . It'll meet M7-9 at NYU. Please do drop me a line if you're interested in attending but cannot register. Last time we taught the course it was uncomfortably packed and knowing how many people will attend will help us know how (and where) to pitch it.

Title: Topics in the Philosophy of Mind: Cognitive Architecture

Broadly speaking, this course will cover theories of cognitive architecture. It will proceed from perception to the perception cognition border, through cognition. Issues discussed will include modularity, evolutionary psychology, fragmentation of cognition, Bayesian models of the mind, models of the structure of thought, and the nature of belief. Guest speakers include Susan Carey, Shaun Nichols, Andy Egan, Eric Schwitzgebel, Jesse Prinz, and Chaz Firestone. Readings will come from philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience.